It’s called Comic Life. It is free for a 30-day trial, and is uber-cool. It’s not free, though is a cheap program at $19.95 per license for the standard version. The deluxe version is around $24-29.95, though I seem to remember an upgrade cost from Standard to Deluxe being lower than $10.00. The Standard (which I got) has preinstalled comic frames, word and thought bubbles, color effects, and font packs preinstalled. I saw this at Eastside High School in Gainesville while on a Forensics trip. They had, what I gather is, the Deluxe version. They could manipulate the graphic effects on the pictures you import into the frames. That I want. I think it’s only $5.00 difference per license to upgrade the package I got to include those features. The nice thing is that any computer can open the picture you save, as you export the picture as either HTML or jpeg. (Bryan Lee)

(By the way, what you see below was not meant to make sense as much as it was an attempt at playing with ComicLife's features. )