The name does sound a bit odd, doesn't it? The neat thing about Web 2.0 is how it sometimes takes the best of the old, and mixes it with the best of the new. The old corkboards had an organized, soothing aesthetic. The background of cork wood made it easy to see different notes. It made them POP out. You could always move stuff around too.

Well, here's an online equivalent. It's called Corkboard.me. It's completely free, and a sinch to use. All you do is sign up and start adding notes to it. You can put stickies all over it just by clicking on a section of the corkboard and typing away. It's that simple. You can move them around and resize them to suit your needs. More than one person can be a part/member of a corkboard too. Imagine if an entire class could be a member of the Corkboard. It could be an online community message board! You can also post pictures and other media to it too. I've seen this used as a connection tool for teachers in an inservice. All were given a guiding question to discuss in groups. They all had to reply by adding a sticky to the corkboard. After it was all done they had a visual record of everyone's participation.

Check it out. Imagine how you can adapt it to your needs. After all, that's the purpose of Web 2.0 applications: making it serve YOU, not making YOU serve IT.

Check out the demonstration video here. Enjoy & have fun.