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Resources to Share (Word graphic) Kyle used the Iditarod example with the visual thesaurus. (back channel for classrooms) (word clouds/graphics)

Epson Brightlink Resources

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Notes from the last Brightlink Resources Staff Development Day

This widget below is a set recording of the notes taken during the first meeting Kyle Schutt met with us (8/2010). Noreen Thurson was kind enough to help me (Bryan) with the note taking. Hers is the good-looking handwriting. (I apologize for the scrawl that looks like some form of Arabic; that would be my handwriting. Let me know if any of it is unintelligible.)

Just click on the widget's "play" button to begin the recording. You can then click "full screen" in the upper right-hand corner to see a full screen image of the page. After it begin to play, you can take your mouse and click anywhere on the page to advance the pencast to that portion of the recording. Today's meeting is being recorded too, and will be uploaded soon.