The Academic Team is considering the Motivation Committee’s proposal to do away with midterm and final exams for non-core electives. If the majority of non-core teachers are in agreement regarding this proposal, we may propose putting it into action this school year.

Here's the overview:

Formal assessment of skill mastery in non-academic elective classes will take place throughout each semester. The four quarter grades will determine the final grade -- 25% for each quarter. (You would not list a separate midterm and final exam grade on the report card.)

Students in the following classes would be exempt from taking a separate midterm and final:
(The State University System and Bright Futures program do not include grades earned in these classes in the core GPA. )
Art, Drawing, Band, Eurhythmics, Chorus, Debate, Drama, Guitar, Multimedia Production, Speech, TV Production, Creative Photography, Accounting, Business Management/Law, Keyboarding/Intro to Computers, Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Information Design, Web Masters, Family and Consumer Science I & II, NJROTC, Journalism Newspaper , Journalism Yearbook , Physical Education classes, Humanities , Applied Communications I & II.

What are the desired outcomes for student learning?
Non -core elective teachers evaluate students ' skill mastery throughout the semester as demonstrated, for the most part, through performance and/or production. In which case, if students do not have to prepare something specifically for a midterm/final exam grade, these students will be able to devote more time to studying for the exams in their core classes.

How does this impact you, the non-core elective teacher?
All students will attend all classes during exam week. Non-core elective teachers will provide a meaningful assessment during the time designated for midterms and finals. The emphasis is on “meaningful assessment.” This can not be a study hall period.

You would be able to use this time to conclude an assessment you already have in progress. The student’s attendance and performance on this portion of the assessment should significantly impact the grade for the project, consequently the quarter grade. We do not want students to feel they can skip attending the class designated as your exam period without serious grade consequences.

To keep in line with why the Motivation Committee submitted this proposal, the assessment you give the students should not compete for the time they would use to study for core class exams . Your focus should be on performance/project assessment.

Please take the time now to pose any questions, concerns, or suggestions by using the DISCUSSION tab at the top of the page. Your fellow non-core elective teachers, along with the Academic Team and Motivation Committee members, will have access to the wiki. Let the discussion begin!