Project Based Education/Project Based Learning

This page is going to be for the posting of materials found about PBL:
What is it? How do you do it? What are the results? How can I use it in my own classroom? How can I assess it? and anything else of use.

With so many new applications emerging at such a rapid rate, some might feel that the teachers of the future will be automated, and that we are among a dying breed. This couldn't be further from the truth. When a culture is static, there are many ways that values are reinforced. With a fast-paced, and ever-changing culture like ours the need for guidance in HOW to best use skills, or WHY one approach could be used over another couldn't be more acute. The key to this is to use the best of what we were taught and know, and combine it with the best of what is emerging, and through that synthesis show our students how to address things they have never seen before as well as why eternal values and wisdom can anchor us in a tumultuous time.

Project Based Education (Project Based Learning or PBL) is not a new approach to teaching or learning. It really mimics the ways that children naturally learn, through doing and applying their curiosity to unlocking their own potential. Far from replacing the teacher, it elevates their role while turning the focus on to what student produces by way of projects. The teacher's role is not so much "the sage on the stage" as much as it is the "guide on the side". Much promise is shown in PBL, but much misunderstanding exists in the "Edusphere" about what it takes to do PBL properly. By all accounts it is a difficult process, but is among the most richly rewarding developments to hit schools in a while.